LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep062

So first and foremost, check out our super cool guest Jaime's SUPER AWESOME work. The first pic is the Courtney Love ball room. The other ones are from other places and just as awesome. For more of Jaime and Ron's work, check them out at

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 4.27.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 4.28.22 PM.png


And FINALLY. Sarah Palin endorses Trump..... what are you even saying??

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LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep058

Poor Janice. Cup Uffins? 

Posted by M.r. Gates on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep057

So these earthquake beds are EVERYTHING as far as we're concerned. Well......maybe the video is everything. The actual concept of these are kind of terrifying. 

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LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep056

You guys! What are your thoughts on this iconic but gross gum monstrosity??

Also, be sure to log onto with your cable provider if you have one to watch the full Season 5 Episode 4 of American Horror Story to see Harry be served as a dish!

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LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep053

We promised you guys an easy way to find the MM and L Show on YouTube, so here it is! Check out all of their AWESOME and GLAMOROUS videos to make you all even lovelier! What are some of your favorite tricks, tips, and products?

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LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep052

YAY!!!! What were some of YOUR favorite moments from the first 52? Let us know!

And... for your viewing pleasure..... share this with the world and get it SOLD! THESE PEOPLE NEED A SHOW!!!

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LoL.A. w/ Lisa D'Amato Ep051

How much have you guys missed us? Because we've sure missed you! For next week's episode, we'll be wrangling some of our favorite LoLA moments. What are your favs? What do you want to revisit? WE WANT TO KNOW!!

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