Joe Marrese began his performance career in 2007 when he was cast as the male lead in the off-Broadway production of Tony and Tina’s Wedding in Chicago.  Marrese started doing stand-up comedy in 2008 and has never looked back.  In that time, he has performed all over including in three of the biggest comedy cities in the country, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.  Some of the major comedy venues he has performed at are Zanies, Comix, The Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, and multiple Improv comedy clubs across the United States.  A Chicago native, Marrese now makes his home in Los Angeles.

You can find Joe on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 1, 2, 3 & 9. 

Twitter: @JoeMarrese



Former Big Brother Magazine editor and current Jackass, Rick Kosick brings his unique outlook to the Outlaw Labcast. Multitalented Kosick, can be found running around Los Angeles and the world at large Directing, Producing, shooting photos and video. Dudes done a lot and is just generally awesome. 

You can find Rick on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 4 and 12.

Twitter: @RickKosick | Instagram: @RickKosick 



Dante is one of the top stand-up comedians in the world. Over the past 27 years he has appeared on over 40 TV shows as a comedian. He was a cast member on season 5 of the NBC show Last Comic Standing. He holds the record for winning the most B.E.T. Comedy awards. Dante performs to sold out crowds all over the world 50 weeks a year. He has also performed for more US troops than any other comedian except Bob Hope. He was also the Abbot (president) of the world famous Friars Club of Beverly Hills. As an actor, Dante has appeared in over 20 films, commercials and TV shows. He had his own sitcom on B.E.T. called The Blackberry Inn. He co-starred With Academy Award winner Adrian Brody, Michelle Rodriguez, Rob Schnider and Lindsay Lohan in the film InAPPropriate Comedy. 

You can find Dante on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 5. 

Twitter: @DanteTheComic | Instagram: @ComicDante



Rebekah Kochan is one of the hottest IT GIRL actress/comedians in the world right now. Her inner and outer beauty is only matched by her talent. She has starred in over a dozen horror films and IMDB has chosen her as one of the top 100 scream queens of all time! Rebekah is the most famous actress in gay comedy films, thanks mainly in part to her role as Tiffany in all 5 Eating Out movies. This year she co-starred With Academy Award winner Adrian Brody, Michelle Rodriguez, Rob Schnider and Lindsay Lohan in the film InAPPropriate Comedy. She recently starred in and co-wrote the film Bro What Happened (to be released in 2014). She performs all over the globe 40 weeks a year to sold out crowds and makes frequent stops to perform for the US troops. She also plays the trumpet, piano, tap dances, sings, does burlesque and is a trained ballerina. She has accomplished all of this and is still in her 20’s.If there is something she can’t do, she hasn’t found it yet. With her top notch talent and radiant good looks, Rebekah Kochan is destined to be one of the biggest stars of all time.

You can find Rebekah on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 5. 

Twitter: @RebekahKochan | Instagram: @RebekahKochan



Growing up, Lance's love of comedy blossomed as he watched shows like In Living Color, Saturday Night Live, and (secretly watched) Def Comedy. Though not the best student, Lance happily used his sense of humor to entertain his class mates. With his childhood friend, Lance would make sketch comedy tapes and pass them around his school and neighborhood. In high school, Lance was a member of the drama club, and his future in entertainment was sealed when he was voted "most likely to have his own show." During college, Lance began his stand up career and soon won awards for stand up and sketch, including an NAACP Axel award for a sketch featured on his website Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue his stand up and acting career, Lance quickly made an impression on the comedy scene and he performed in the CBS Diversity Showcase and  soon became a regular on Vh1's sketch comedy show "Stevie TV".  Lance was  recently apart of an   "LA  Weekly" cover story for an appearance at the "World Famous Comedy Store" and  in a series of shorts on TBS's Conan O'Brien.

                                                                                             You can find Lance on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 6. 

Twitter: @Lance_Allen | Instagram: @pants_allen | Vine: @lance_allen | Facebook: Lance Allen



Pedro Salinas is a comedian in Los Angeles. His work has appeared on Splitsider, and in 2013 he was included in Patton Oswalt's list of comics to look out for.

You can find Pedro on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 7. 

Twitter: @salinas_pedro



Jake Marin is a comedian from Dallas, Texas living in Los Angeles who performs stand-up comedy and improv shows nightly.

You can find Jake on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 8. 

Twitter: @JakeMarinComedy



Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Harry Hains is internationally-known as an actor and print model. His film work includes Cigarettes Burn Faster in the Sun, Caihong City, The Mangled, and the upcoming Groupies, You Found Me, and Nowhereland. Harry has appeared in many international fashion magazines and online publications such as  The Source Magazine & Apparel News , Adidas Originals SS13 campaign, The Hunger TV, Hero Magazine, Slave Magazine, U+MAG, Skingraft and Maison Kitusné SS14 campaigns,Exalt Magazine as well as Bullett Magazine and Vogue Italia OnlineMagazine. He is currently a FORD Model.

You can find Harry on LoL.A. Episode 5 & 56. 

Twitter: @harrisonhains | Instagram: @harryhains



A reality show enigma and South Carolina native, Jenna King came into the public eye on Bravo's Southern Charm. Now living in Los Angeles, Jenna spends her time living with her boyfriend Ronnie Radke of the band Falling in Reverse. She has mad style and no filter. 

You can find Jenna on LoL.A. Episode 6. 

Twitter: @jennaking5 | Instagram: @jennaking143



Byron Valino is a stand-up comedian that performs in clubs and colleges all over LA. He’s also been booked in Canada and Las Vegas to compete in the World Series of Comedy. When he’s not doing stand up or improv, you can find Byron co-hosting the Comics on Tap podcast.

In addition to being funny on stage, Byron is also an award-winning industry professional. Currently a Sr. Video Producer/Editor at CBS Interactive, he’s produced video content for clients such as The Grammy’s, Red Bull Media House, and Under Armour. His work has been exhibited at the Cinequest Film Festival, the Tate Modern Museum in London, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Byron was born and raised in the SanFrancisco Bay Area. He now makes his home in Los Angeles.     

You can find Byron on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 10. 

Twitter: @ByronValino | Instagram: @Byronasorus | Website:



Damon is an artist and generally radical dude that hails from the Los Angeles area. You can find Damon building sets at the L.A. Opera, painting in his garage, or perhaps skateboarding near your home.

Not matter where he is, good times are sure to follow.   

You can find Damon on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 10 & 11. 

Instagram: @DamonSchindler



Raised mainly by his mother and sister[s]. Fashionista and Creator Debonair - Molinari has always been drawn to artistic expression of all kinds: getting his start in theater, he went on to study film at the LA Film School where he acted, directed and edited many creative projects. He began his fashioned path in Los Angeles working as a personal stylist, dressing Young Hollywood, and currently Molinari divides his time between Los Angeles and Paris. His designs have caught the eye of such fashion icons as John Galliano, Lady Amanda Harlech, Karl Lagerfeld, Daphne Guiness, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Rooney Mara and many more.

Molinari's expertise helped to create and launch such projects as the Shore Bar in Santa Monica, Bootsy Bellows Supper Club on Sunset Strip and the internationally recognized H. Wood Beauty Line of all-natural cosmetics and body products.

You can find Markus on LoL.A. Episode 8 & 43. 

Twitter: @MDMOLINARI | Instagram: @mdmolinari


Doug Haley

Doug Haley puts his hands in all the cookie jars.  Because he loves cookies.

Doug Haley spent 5 years in bi-coastal talent management, splitting his time between NY and LA.  He worked for such notables as as Tony Curtis, Phyllis Diller, and Shirley Jones.He left talent management to work on the other side of the table in feature film casting under the Indie darling Shannon Makhanian.  He has cast several feature films with Shannon and they have co-produced together under Catherine Hardwicke.  

As an actor Doug has had recurring roles on "Good Luck Charlie", "Heroes", "Secret Life of the American Teenager" and the Jimmy Kimmel Show as one of their sketch performers.  Doug can be seen as the lead in the Polish Brother's newest film "Hot Bot" due for release in 2015 opposite Angela Kinsey, Donald Faison and Zack Pearlman.

Doug has his own jewelry line which is sold at Fred Segal and he served as the Editor-At-Large  of                                                                                               "The Stylist Handbook" for two seasons.  

                                                                                             Doug is an active mentor for college students at USC where he participates in their                                                                                                 entrepreneurship panels and discussions on a regular basis to give guidance to students who want                                                                                              to  work in entertainment.

                                                                                             You can find Doug on LoL.A. Episode 10. 

Twitter: @DougHaley | Instagram: @dothatdougie


Naima Mora

Naima Mora is a multi-talented performing artist: Musician Vocalist, Author, Model and Public Speaker. She writes and is the lead vocalist for her musical project the “Galaxy of Tar” and is currently writing and recording her first solo album. Mora also engages in inspirational public speaking at colleges and universities across the United States and is touring her first published work "Model Behavior". And, as the winner of Season 4 of America's Next Top Model, she continues modeling for some of fashion's most talented designers. As a native of Detroit, Michigan, she moved to NYC at age 18 where she performed contemporary ballet until leaving in 2004 to pursue a high fashion modeling career. Since being scouted for ANTM, Mora has been the only contestant to win Fan Favorite every episode the show aired until she won the grand title. Additionally, Mora has received recognizable awards for exceptional achievement, outstanding leadership, and dedication to improving the quality of life including the Spirit of Detroit Award and the prestigious Key of the City to Cincinnati, Ohio.

You can find Naima on LoL.A. Episode 12, 39 & 58.

Twitter: @NaimaMora | Instagram: @NaimaMora



Pop/rock singer/songwriter LP’s passion for music began in New York, where she was born. With music as a constant presence and pursuit as she grew up, she drew inspiration from a range of artists, citing the voices, the wordplay, and the swagger as what stood out for her. After moving to New York, David Lowery of the band Cracker saw her performing and featured her on “My Cinderella”, a hidden track on the band’s 1998 album.

Like many before her, LP has been down the major-label road, having previously signed deals that did not fit, leading her to believe that an artist’s career may not be in the cards. During those years, LP fell into writing for other artists, penning such hits as Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink to That)” and Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful People.” However, the artist world came calling again in late 2011 after LP began drawing crowds to what she describes as “fun, low-key” appearances at local L.A. clubs. Since then, she has taken back the spotlight and released an EP and then an album, produced by the Grammy Award-winning Rob Cavallo. She has been featured and praised by Vogue, Rolling Stone, The Los                                                                                               Angeles Times, CNN, USA Today, Billboard, and many others, and has even had famed instrument                                                                                                       maker Martin tap LP as a future force to be reckoned with, honoring her as both its first female                                                                                               Ambassador and first ever to be associated with ukulele.

                                                                                             You can find LP on LoL.A. Episode 13. 

Twitter: @iamlp | Instagram: @iamlpofficial


Chris Pontius

An American entertainer and Daredevil, Chris is best-known for his time as a member of the cast of “Jackass” and co-hosted its spinoff “Wildboyz” with fellow castmember Steve-O.  Before his rise to fame in “Jackass”, Chris was a part of the Big Brother magazine family. Chris’s adventurous and crazy persona has rendered him many nicknames and aliases including “Partyboy”, “Chief Roberts”, “Roller Bobby”,  “Bunny the Life Guard”, “Strongman”, and “Garbage Man”. In case you’re wondering, he’s a vegetarian.

You can find Chris on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 12. 

Instagram: @ChrisPontius


Joanie Dodds

Joanie Dodds is an American fashion model who made her television debut as the runner-up on Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model.

Since appearing on the show, Joanie has appeared on the pages of countless magazines and represented numerous brands. She has been represented by NOUS Models, Nu Talent and Über-Warning Models. Currently, Joanie is signed with Elite Hong Kong and Reel Management and Talent and Women divisions for I Models and Talent in Los Angeles.  Joanie was initially discovered at a ProScout event in Columbus, Ohio in September 2001 from which she was signed with Paulines Agency in New York and Aria in Chicago. Dodds modeled in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland before auditioning for ANTM. On the show, she received five first call-outs, three CoverGirl of the week awards, and won one challenge. She also was never placed in the bottom two at any of the elimination ceremonies.

                                                                                             Aside from modeling, Dodds has also been heavily involved in singing and comedy acts, as well as                                                                                                small improv groups and has a following on For four seasons between 2010 and 2012,                                                                                               Dodds served as co-host and carpenter on "Run My Renovation," an interactive home improvement                                                                                                show for DIY Network, alongside John DeSilvia. Dodds is also a licensed contractor. Dodds was also a                                                                                               big sister in Big Brothers Big Sisters and makes university and charity appearances to speak to the                                                                                               students and talk about the show and self-esteem.

                                                                                             You can find Joanie on LoL.A. Episode 16. 

Twitter: @JoanieDodds | Instagram: @JoanieDodds



Murray Swanby is a renowned model, nightlife promoter and West Hollywood celebrity.  About five years ago he moved to LA from a small town in Montana and in that short time became a scintillating thread in the fabric that is the LA gay community. Currently he’s intricately involved with entertainment giant SBE and their world famous juggernaut, The Abbey as an event host and nightlife promoter.  He is also a prominent face for Andrew Christian Underwear and with AC has produced and hosted events across the country celebrating the freedom and sexual liberation that the famous label is known for. His meteoric rise can be click by click observed on almost any social media outlet.  Between his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles he’s garnered over 200k followers who arguably watch every move of this jaw dropping up and comer.  Keep a close eye on this one, because he is quickly becoming an internationally recognized name to be reckoned with!

You can find Murray on LoL.A. Episode 17 & 44.

Twitter: @MurraySwanby | Instagram: @MurraySwanbyLA






You can find Mikaela on LoL.A. Episode 20.

Twitter: @MikaelaBufano | Instagram: @MikaelaBufano


You can find Lucas John on LoL.A. Episode 21.

BENJI LANPHER   Photo: C.Louis Creative


Photo: C.Louis Creative


In addition to the key role he fulfills as another resident of the Hollywood Castle (aka Lisa's abode), Benji is one of the most intriguing guests we've had. Logging 100 flights in 2014 alone, his role as a segment director and DP on HBO's VICE and the NatGeo Channel (in addition to others) has allowed him to experience some exotic parts of the world that most could only dream of. Other credits include work on shows like Punk'd, Storage Hunters, and his seminal role as "crying surfer" on Tosh.0.

You can find Benji on LoL.A. Episode 22 & 40.

Twitter: @BenjiLanpher | Instagram: @BenjiLanpher


Josh Stevens

As a Grammy Nominated, RIAA Platinum Certified, Billboard Award Nominated, Juno Award Nominated, and ARIA Platinum Certified artist, producer, DJ, songwriter, and engineer- Josh Stevens is a musical force to be reckoned with. Josh has worked with just about anyone that has been relevant in recent memory, including LMFAO, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, John Mayer, Neyo, Steve Aoki, Nervo, Demi Lovato, JLO, Calvin Harris, and one of our past LOLA guests, Naima Mora. He's done it all behind the scenes, but now listeners can be on the lookout for Josh's own EP "i am josh stevens" set to release later this year!

You can find Josh on LoL.A. Episode 24.

Twitter: @iamjoshstevens | Instagram: @IAMJOSHSTEVENS



Hailing from the Chicagoland area, he's recognized largely for his runs on Big Brother 11 and 13, where was voted "Fan Favorite" both times he played (being the only houseguest to do so). Since Big Brother 14, he has hosted Big Brother Live Chat on Jeff has also competed on The Amazing Race 16 with fellow houseguest Jordan Lloyd. He also appears as a guest star on the TV series The Bold and the Beautiful.

You can find Jeff on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 13. 

Twitter: @jeffschroeder23 | Instagram: @jeffschroeder23



You can find Jeff on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 14. 


Danielle Stewart

Danielle Stewart is a comedian who tours the great wonders of the world and has been featured on Hulu's Comedy Brew, Ladies Night Out, and Ralphie May's Filthy Animals. In addition to stand-up comedy, Danielle was a co-host for the 2015 AVN Awards, a creative consultant on MTV's The Hook Up, a regular contributor to Life & Style and Girls Gone Wild magazines, and is currently a writer for AfterPartyChat. She has appeared on Chelsea Lately on E!, Foursome: Walk of Shame on Playboy TV, Code 9 on the Disney Channel, and recently hosted a pilot for WE tv. She also commands the scene with her own podcast, #TheDaniStew Experience, which made the New and Noteworthy category in iTunes. In her own words, all of her noted successes come ".....all despite a lifetime of poor choices".

You can find Danielle on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 15. 

Twitter: @TheDaniStew | Website:


tommy pistol


You can find Tommy on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 16.

Twitter: @TommyPistol

Nikki Swarm


You can find Nikki on Charlie Don't Podcast! Episode 16.

Twitter: @Nikki Swarm | Instagram: @NikkiSwarm


Andrew coleman

Andrew is known for his roles on Bravo shows "Interior Therapy" and "Flipping Out." As Bravo so eloquently notes on their site, "Andrew's over-the-top personality and inappropriate outbursts make him fit right into Jeff Lewis's team as a Design Assistant. Andrew has enough experience in the design world to impress Jeff with his taste, but it's mainly his quirky disposition -- and gullible nature -- that endears him to his boss."

You can find Andrew on LoL.A. Episode 28.



Drew Droege is best known for his online videos as Chloe Sevigny, which have been called "compulsively watchable" by The Advocate and recently named one of the 50 Best Web Series of All Time by TimeOut New York. Drew is also the recipient of Outfest Film Festival's Special Programming Award for Emerging Talent, one of OUT Magazine's Out 100, and one of LA Weekly's Top Comedy Acts to Watch. Drew's podcast, "Glitter in The Garbage," was deemed "lowbrow and brilliant" by New York  Magazine's Approval Matrix. Amongst other fantastic movies and projects, he has guest starred on shows such as: "Happy Endings", "Chelsea Lately", "House of Lies", "Baby Daddy", "Key & Peele", "Hot in Cleveland", "New Girl", "How I Met Your Mother", "Nick Swardson's Pretend Time", "The Sarah Silverman Program", and "Reno 911". Drew is an alum of The Groundlings (where he currently teaches improv), Upright Citizens Brigade, and The Attic Theatre. 

You can find Drew on LoL.A. Episode 31 & 42.

                                                                                  Twitter: @DrewDroege | Instagram: @drew_droege


Lexi Ainsworth

Lexi has been performing since age three, first getting involved with Ballet Oklahoma and then transitioning into numerous other stage productions. While participating in an acting boot-camp in LA, she caught the eye of an agent who sent her out on her first audition, a national Barbie commercial, which she subsequently booked. Since breaking onto the television scene, Lexi has co-starred on the NBC Series "Medical Investigation", which was a recurring character on "Gilmore Girls", and, most notably, her role on General Hospital, her performance won her a 2011 Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Lexi's most recent projects include "The Bully Chronicles", "Death Clique" and guest starring appearances on "Criminal Minds" and "Cougar Town". Lexi can also be seen in the upcoming film "A Girl Like Her" and "Grand Zero", which was just at the Newport Beach Film Fest.

You can find Lexi on LoL.A. Episode 33.

                                                                 Twitter: @_lexiainsworth | Instagram: @_lexiainsworth


Andrew Perez

A writer, producer, and star of the upcoming Bastards y Diablos, premiering at the LAFF in June, Andrew studied theatre at Northwestern University, where – aside from acting – he first began writing plays. As a freshman, he received a CIRA grant to produce his stage adaptation of A Clockwork Orange, in which he also played Alex. After finishing college, Andrew performed in Chicago with the Steppenwolf, Chicago Shakespeare, and Steep Theatre companies and graduated from the School at Steppenwolf. Since moving to Los Angeles, Andrew has combined his theatre pursuits with film roles- recently having wrapped his role as Scientology’s leader David Miscavige in the upcoming Louis Theroux feature for BBC Films/Red Box.

You can find Andrew on LoL.A. Episode 34.

                                                  Twitter: @AndrewPerez3D | Instagram: @ThisIsHowWeDoItItsFridayKnight


Juanita Arias

Juanita, Andrew’s Bastards y Diablos co-star, is an actress from Colombia where she is known for her television work as a regular in the popular series Mama Tambien as well as the protagonist in last year’s hit Colombian film Amores Peligrosos, directed by Antonio Dorado. Raised in Bogota, she spent three years in New York studying acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute, as well as six months studying screen acting at London's Met Film School. Since moving to the United States a year ago, Juanita has been seen in over seventy episodes in the Telemundo television series En Otra Piel. In addition to her roles in many Colombian telenovelas, she’s appeared in commercials for Cartier, Gillette, and McDonalds. As a model she’s been the face of Falabella, ELA, and Reebok – for whom she is currently the Colombian ambassador.

You can find Juanita on LoL.A. Episode 34.

Twitter: @AriasPJuanita | Instagram: @juanaarias



An artists hailing from Prince George Country, Maryland, Isis is a graduate of the Arts Institute of Philadelphia, where she majored in Fashion Design after being accepted to the school with a full scholarship. After graduation, while preparing to move to NYC, Isis was featured in the MSNBC documentary "Born in the Wrong Body: On the Edge". After this introduction to the world, Isis ultimately became the first woman of transgender experience to compete on America's Next Top Model, appearing on Cycle 11, and later Cycle 17 All-Stars with Lisa. Today, as a fashion model, designer, and actress, Isis currently works in all areas of entertainment and strives to be the epitome of a well-rounded, world renowned entertainer and role model. 

You can find Isis on LoL.A. Episode 35.

                                                     Twitter: @MsIsisKing | Instagram: @MissIsisKing




Artem Korolev

After realizing he wasn't destined for a spell-formulating, potion creating life at Hogwarts, Artem set out to build a life presence that would be just as memorable. Striving for success with this goal in mind, Artem started off by  working on several FM radio stations, owning a live  radio show, and enjoying a small acting experience, playing the role of a Russian journalist in Sony Picture's "Dream Team". Today, he is the face of Friday Channel, on eof the most known nationwide channels in Russia, hosting the most popular program - Friday News, and frequently taking part in various projects of other channels. Recently, he was invited to become a part of the new Russian projects in the UK - the Internet TV, which is aimed at both the Russian and British audience. He will be working in two languages. 

You can find Artem on LoL.A. Episode 37.

                                                                                                               Twitter: @korolev | Instagram: @artem




You can find DJ Ivy on LoL.A. Episode 38.

                                                                                                                   Twitter: @djivy | Instagram: @djivy


Casey Kauffmann

Casey Kauffmann is an artist born and raised in the San Fernando Valley where she currently lives and works. Currently working in the digital media world, she is traditionally trained in drawing and painting. Over the past year, she has created hundreds of digital collages using only her iPhone and has been showcased internationally. Amongst many other in-the-works-projects, Casey has an ongoing selfie project for Felt Book, which is on tour now, in conjunction with the Institute for New Feeling, called Reflexive Validation Therapy, and will be curating a show in early 2016 at Coagula Curatorial.  

You can find Casey on LoL.A. Episode 41.

                                                                                                                              Instagram: @uncannysfvalley


Matthew Faze

Matthew is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor from San Diego. Beginning with the cello when he was nine, Matthew's passion for music has continued ever since. Having won various solo awards and performed in many competitions and shows, Matthew and his family moved to Burbank in 2010 so he could attend John Burroughs High School and be a part of their award winning show choir. He's performed on "The Voice" and "Dancing with the Stars" and even represented the USA in the 2011 Cathay Pacific Chinese New Years Parade. His covers on YouTube have amassed more than 1,000,000 views to date, so if you haven't heard him sing yet, you definitely need to check him out!

You can find Matthew on LoL.A. Episode 46.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Twitter: @MatthewFaze | Instagram: @MatthewFaze


Zach Noe Towers

Zach Noe Towers is a stand-up comedian based out of Los Angeles, CA. Originally from St. Louis, MO, Zach studied Musical Theatre at Indiana University before heading west to pursue a career in TV/Film. You may have seen him on ads for Jack Daniels, Taco Bell, or Google+, or on the short-lived series, "Save Me." Zach performs all over LA, as well as on RSVP/Atlantis cruise lines. Keep an eye out for the animated series, "Ant(i)colony" on which Zach is a staff writer.

You can find Zach on LoL.A. Episode 47 & 66.

                                                                             Twitter: @ZachNoeTowers | Instagram: @ZachNoeTowers


Rhea Litre'

Rhea Litre is West Hollywood's fiercest personality and International Drag Entertainer. When she's not dancing and singing her way across stages, runways, and bars throughout the globe (Dubai, Australia, Canada, USA), she can be found hosting the most popular nights in West Hollywood, CA at The Abbey. Rhea Litre is and official brand ambassador for Marco Marco and hosts New Orleans Mardi Gras & Southern Decadence at the World Famous Bourbon Pub, North American Matinee Festivals & White Party Palm Springs in April. 

You can find Rhea on LoL.A. Episode 48.

                                                                                                     Twitter: @RheaLitre | Instagram: @RheaLitre


Blake Patterson

Blake is a competing designer on Project Runway's current Season 14. Blake is originally from a small town in Ohio, where he attended Catholic high school. While he was forced to wear a uniform, he didn't let that stifle his creativity when it came to putting outfits together. From carefully selected ties and double layered polo shirts, Blake was voted "Best Dressed" in high school and, since then, knew he had a future in fashion. With nothing but a suitcase and a pillow, Blake left Ohio for Los Angeles to study at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). He currently resides in Los Angeles and is inspired by African culture. 

You can find Blake on LoL.A. Episode 50.

                                            Twitter: @blakeMpatterson | Instagram: @blakeMpatterson

Michelle Money

You can find Michelle on LoL.A. Episode 53.

Laura Armstrong

You can find Laura on LoL.A. Episode 53.

Emily salveson


Emily is a content creator, writer, producer, director, and host for various online networks and the creator of Bath Time TV. After graduation from the University of San Diego with a double major in English and Business and an Italian studies emphasis from the American Institute from Foreign Study in Rome, Emily began her career as the Chief Entertainment Correspondent for SocialiteTV.  Having honed her journalistic and hosting skills on red carpets and at the Associated Press Television and Radio Academy, Emily contributed to stories for LA Weekly, Dateline NBC, and 20/20. In recent years, Emily expanded her writing portfolio with her first feature film script, Clout,  and her first web series, The Jessicas, both currently in production. Bath Time TV is Emily's second web series. 

You can find Emily on LoL.A. Episode 59.

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Aaron voros

Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Aaron Voros is a professional hockey player and entrepreneur. In 2001, he was drafted from high school by the New Jersey Devils, and went on to attend University of Alaska on a NCAA hockey scholarship. Since he turned pro and left college in 2004, Aaron has played for the Devils, the Minnesota Wild, the New York Rangers, and the Anaheim Ducks. In 2010, Aaron expanded his professional endeavors and opened a successful fine dining restaurant in Tribeca with two of his friends that you've also seen alongside him in the NHL, Henrik Lundqvist and Sean Avery, and restauranteur Matt Abramcyk. Aaron had been living in NYC for 8 years until his relocation back to the west coast, where he is currently living among us.

You can find Aaron on LoL.A. Episode 60.